To illustrate how our services work
Meet Johnny Williams*
I never knew my father.  I was 14 when I made a bad choice and turned to the gang for validation and acceptance.  I'm now 35 and have been in prison three times.  Each time I got out I figured that if I got a job and get right with my wife I'd be alright and be able to turn my life around.  But that didn't work out.  The last time was different, though. I had lost hope I could change until one day prison ministry volunteer visited me in my cell and told me I needed two things:  One was God.  The other was that I needed someone to help me incorporate God's principles into my everyday life, especially into the way I made decisions.  Then he told me about 7-70.

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Life Coaching
It was because of my anger that I got arrested in the first place. At 7-70 I learned about it, what really caused it and about my triggers. I learned how to avoid them and what to do when I couldn't. Today my anger is under control.

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Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling
I used to worship this idol, Santa Muerte for protection. In reality, it never helped. 7-70 got me to go to church and taught me about baptism, salvation, the Holy Spirit and the true protection that only comes from a prayerful relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Family Mediation
When I got out I went to live with my wife. It was hard, we argued all the time. 7-70 taught us ways to communicate that put God first and rebuilt trust in each other. That started a healing process for our marriage.

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Career Coaching
Getting a job seemed impossible. I was ashamed to answer questions about my lack of experience and my prison time. 7-70 helped me tell my story in a way that was truthful and showed my honest desire to change. I had a job in two weeks and my employer knew about my record but wanted to give me a chance.

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Case Management
I needed a social security card, a doctor and a new apartment. I also wanted to get a GED. 7-70 showed me how to do basic research and advised me on the best way to get my need filled. Now I'll never forget how to do it. Now, I want to help others.

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*Johnny is not a real client, however, his story is typical and is based on several actual clients who did receive the services described above. Clients receive the services they need and not necessarily all the services we offer. This story was written to demonstrate what our services are and how they work.