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Our Mission
To serve the community by equipping individuals with the resources necessary to obtain enduring freedom

Our Vision
That all who seek justice, forgiveness and restoration would find them

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Our Values
  1. Faith Based: Serving the one God, Jesus Christ, is our highest calling.
  2. Christ Died For All: All services are provided in accordance with our statement of faith; however, adoption of our faith is not required to receive services.
  3. Transforming Culture: 7-70 equips clients to transform their lives so they can thrive in a culture of freedom.
  4. Relationships Heal: High trust, long term relationships are key to a successful reentry.
  5. Matthew 18:22: Change is a difficult process with many barriers. Through perseverance, resilience and forgiveness, 7-70 teaches clients how to succeed and coaches them through the process. Forgiveness is based in truth and is neither enabling nor vengeful.
  6. Victim To Victor: Success requires taking personal responsibility for past and present circumstances. Services must be client initiated.
  7. Sound Business Practices: The organization operates under the principles of good stewardship including: maintaining zero debt, fostering clear communication and promoting efficient use of resources.
We serve Chicago and it's suburbs!
Justice - Forgiveness - Restoration
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