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A New Today

We are entering not only a new year, but a new decade. While people are making New Year’s resolutions they may not keep, God continually, consistently, and faithfully causes the sun to rise on a new day all year long. What if we were to allow God to be the first part of each new day? Every day is a new opportunity for God to work in and through our lives. Today is a day that will never come again. Time is our most valuable commodity. It cannot be purchased, and once gone, cannot be brought back. Therefore, we should not waste it on futile efforts that do not bring a return on our investments. How can we make sure that we give time to the most important things; the eternal things? In life, we do have to tend to the temporal things, but we should have balance. God hates an unbalanced scale (see Leviticus 19:36). Even though we live in an unbalanced world, we do not have to think in unbalanced or unjust ways. Everyday is a new opportunity for God to give us new revelation when we make time for Him by putting Him first. When we do this, no matter what comes our way, we will have a better day.

Each new day is an opportunity to overcome obstacles. It is helpful to make lists, calendars, and schedules that help break our goals down to bite size tasks. Instead of using years, months or even weeks as a landmarks, we can make goals that we can realistically be consistent with each day. If we begin by completing a small, but profitable goals consistently, we are more likely to succeed. If we don’t succeed on a given day, God’s mercies are new every morning. The possible reason(s) that many yearly resolutions fail is that they are not prayerfully considered, too big, unrealistic, or not put into a schedule that can be followed. Whether it’s dieting, fasting, completing a degree, writing a book, a commitment to reading the word, or prayer. Aside from lack of discipline; the cause of many failures is becoming discouraged and giving up.

If we set lengthy goals to accomplish things we are not accustomed to doing, we may be setting ourselves up for failure and discouragement. We must set goals that are realistic with the time and resources available to us. If we have not been praying everyday, it is good to start with 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with God. Instead of setting a goal to pray for an hour, finding ourselves short on time, and not praying at all; we can start by being consistent with 15 minutes. Then build on that foundation. If it’s fasting we want to accomplish, we can start by giving up meals from sun up to sundown. This is skipping breakfast and lunch. Also, referred to as a Jewish fast. There is not a certain way to fast that must be followed as long as meals are replaced with prayer and the word. The most important thing is to maintain consistency with whatever goals we have, and never give up. Each new day is a gift from God. Let’s make today our best day.

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