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A blog about news and issues concerning men and women returning to society after incarceration.

You Can Make a BIG Difference in Someone's Life

You Can Make a BIG Difference in Someone's Life

Since the winter of 2014, gifts made to 7-70 helped 27 men and women leave prison and successfully reenter their communities.  In 2018 we plan to help even more people get through one of the most difficult transitions a human can face; one that 75 out of 100 people, who receive no help, fail to complete.

We see the big differences giving makes every day when
…a career coach helps a man find a job that is key to his successful reentry.
…a pastoral counselor encourages a woman to overcome her fear and achieve her life goals.
… a family mediator helps keep a family together, so a young man can avoid homelessness.

Weekdays and weekends, we are found at church, in coffee shops, client homes and prisons carrying out the work of 7-70 Re-entry Services; life coaching, pastoral counseling, coordinating services, mediating family disputes or job developing. We receive no pay from 7-70.  Both Suzanne, my wife and co-founder, and I work full time jobs in another field for our income.  I am also an Uber driver; on Thursday nights, I drive to make extra money to help cover the expenses of the corporation.  

The reality is that running a legal corporation is expensive.  We have regulatory, insurance and other legal requirements that must be fulfilled at significant cost.  In addition, our client list is growing and with it, so are our expenses.

We are reaching out to our friends to help us meet this need.  This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people most others have thrown away.   Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 to meet the regulatory and legal needs.  But we also have a goal for a larger sum to make both Suzanne and I full-time 7-70 employees, allowing us to meet the rising demand for our services.

Can we count on you for a gift this year?  Click on the Donate Now! button below this message and make a big difference in someone's life today.


Stan Balcom, MBA, MA
Executive Director

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